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About Us

Our founder and broker-in-charge, Dan Ravenel, began a full service real estate company in Charleston in 1983. Our mission has always been to provide exceptional service and value to clients in all aspects of sales, leasing, and ownership. With the connection of Daniel Ravenel sales department to Sotheby’s International Realty in 2007, the Daniel Ravenel Real Estate Company began to focus specifically on aiding owners in the management, rental, and income support of their properties.

We specialize in addressing the individual needs of owners, and use a fully automated system for property, tenant, and financial management. Our property managers are fully licensed in SC, and have the professional expertise to work with you on all aspects of the investment property cycle; from pricing, to advertising for and retaining tenants, as well as maintenance. We work with owners with a variety of ways; whether you prefer minimal day to day involvement, or a more personal approach.

If you are a potential tenant, and looking for a rental apartment, home, or condo in the Charleston area, we strive to find you the right rental for your lifestyle.

As a family owned company, Dan’s son, Daniel, is primarily responsible for the property management side, while his daughter, Ruthie, is involved in sales and marketing. With this family wide commitment to service, the leasing and management area of the company has grown 30% since they joined the company in 2009.