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Tenant Handbook




CALL 843-723-2763 to report maintenance requests, or submit a request online. We will respond to your requests by email with a work order. If you do not hear from us within 24 hours, please call back. Weekend requests should only be for EMERGENCIES ONLY. Call the office number above and the Property Manager on Duty will call you back.

Remember, there are FEW EMERGENCIES.

An emergency is a life threatening situation, or one that involves uncontrollable water, natural gas, or electrical sparking, fire, or complete loss of basic utility services.

If you are in immediate danger, CALL 911.
If you smell natural gas, call SCE&G at 800-815-0083.
If you have a water flood, call our office. You may ALSO need to call Charleston Water System at 843-727-6800 to have the water turned off.
Examples of non-emergency items are: non-working appliances, non- working heat or air, or parking issues.


Call our office, and give the person your name, address, and a description of the problem. Or fill out the SUBMIT MAINTENANCE REQUEST online. Make sure and give a phone number where you, or your roommate, can be contacted. We will assign a work order and vendor, and email a copy to you. However, the maintenance vendor will CALL you make an appointment. Only if you are unavailable, will we give a vendor a key for your property. Remember the vendor is unlikely to be able to respond to your request immediately, but will call you as soon as possible. If you do not hear from the vendor within 2 business days, please contact our office, and we will contact the vendor again.


  1. If the oven does not work, check time-bake or cleaning to make sure these settings are not preventing heating.
  2. If the AC does not work, check the circuit breakers; turn it all the way off, and then back on. Check the filters; a dirty filter will cause the AC to “freeze”. Make sure the AC is not set below 70 degrees; on very hot days it should not be set below 75, otherwise it may “freeze.” Repairs needed because of dirty filters and excessive cooling may be a charge to you.
  3. If the electrical does not work in one part of the property, check the GFCI plug, and push reset.
  4. If the circuit breakers keep going off; unplug some items to make sure there is not an overload on the circuit. Make a habit of unplugging as many items as possible; this will also help lower your electric bill.
  5. If a smoke alarm “tweets”, replace the battery. If the battery replacement does not work, call our office and we will replace the smoke alarm. Remember, do not disconnect or remove a smoke alarm.

As the tenant, YOU are responsible for the following maintenance.

  1. Normal insect control for roaches, ants, spiders, fleas, small mice, etc. You can purchase insecticides or contact a pest control company for routine spraying. If you see rats or bats, call our office.
  2. Yard and Landscape includes basic weeding, sweeping, raking or removal of leaves and other debris, and mowing. Stairs, porches, or parking areas should remain clean. If you have irrigation, you are responsible for monitoring that it is working. Notify us if you need a water level adjustment or observe leaking.
  3. Pet droppings on the property or city sidewalks adjoining the property are to be cleaned up by the tenant. This applies even if the pet is not yours.
  4. All waste should be disposed of in a sanitary manner, using the proper receptacles and according to city/county rules. Recycling bins are for recycling ONLY. Garbage, yard waste, and any toxic items such as oil or batteries, must be properly handled. If garbage cans, recycling, or waste are not properly handled, Property Management will have the area cleaned and charge ALL tenants of the property.
  5. Kitchen cleaning includes cleaning the stove and cooktop regularly; food should be stored and never left out; sink and dishes clean and free of food debris; counters wiped and floors mopped.
  6. Bathrooms should be regularly cleaned, including toilets, sinks, and bathtub/showers. Build up of mildew due to lack of cleaning will result in a charge to the tenant. Use a product such as Tilex immediately.
  7. Carpets and flooring should be regularly cleaned; spills should be cleaned immediately to prevent staining. Use only the right cleaner for the type of flooring. At move out,carpets must be PROFESSIONALLY cleaned; home floor machines should not be used.
  8. Windows and doors should be wiped down and blinds wiped with a soft cloth. Make sure windows and doors are secure when leaving the property.
  9. Heating and air filters MUST be replaced and should be replaced monthly. Any HVAC repairs needed because of a dirty filter will be charged to the tenant.
  10. Burned out light bulbs should be replaced by the tenant. If a light bulb needs replacement that is reasonably not accessible by the tenant (for instance in a 12 ft. ceiling), call maintenance and there will not be a charge. All other light bulb replacement will result in a charge to the tenant.
  11. NO FIRES are allowed in any fireplace in any property. NO smoking is allowed in any property. This includes any guests.
  12. NO pets are allowed unless specifically agreed upon in writing. No “guest” pets are allowed at any time. Tenant is responsible for all pet cleaning, including spraying for fleas at move out.
  13. Mold and Mildew is present in any environment. It is impossible to eliminate all mold and mildew. The tenant is responsible to maintain the property to avoid mold growth. This includes:

Ventilate all rooms, such as bathrooms, especially after a shower. Use kitchen ventilation while cooking.

Keep door and window tracks free of condensation.

Keep furniture approximately 3 in. from the wall, to allow air flow. Do NOT push furniture all the way against the wall.

Keep house temperature between 55-70 degrees in winter, and between 75-80 degrees in summer. NEVER leave the heating and air system off; if you are going to be out of town, set for minimum heating or cooling.

Mop or clean spills immediately.

Clean mildew immediately if it appears in toilets, bathtubs, showers, walls, windows, etc. The EPA recommends cleaning with commercial products or with a weak bleach solution of one cup bleach to one gallon water. Wear gloves and if necessary a face mask or eye protection.