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Preppydom Owner
I can highly recommend Daniel and the rest of the property management team at Daniel Ravenel Real Estate. I’ve worked with DR for the last 10 years and they are currently managing two of my properties in Charleston. I’ve always found them to be professional, attentive and easy to work with. They have a good understanding of the Charleston market and have always proven successful at finding new tenants when necessary and making sure the new tenants are properly vetted and a good fit. They also do a good job of keeping the tenants happy while looking out for my interests as the property owner. Overall, I’ve been very happy with their performance.

Jim Wenthe
We’ve had Daniel Ravenel RE manage our townhouse for some 30 years. During that period of time it has been rented out almost continuously. Currently we have been upgrading the property with their help and assistance. Anything I ask of them they willingly do with promptness and efficiency. They relieve me of many headaches and worries when it comes to this property. The personnel are friendly and knowledgeable. When I first started renting this property on my own I didn’t get the rent for it that I should. Since having Dan and his group take it over the rents have risen dramatically… more than I could get on my own.

Nancy Vonesh
We have had Daniel Ravenel manage our rental property for 3 years now. The Property Management Team is professional, reliable and looks out for our property. They get the house rented each year and qualify the renters, they check on the property periodically and they handle any problems easily.

I also rented a property through them for a year. Home maintenance checks scheduled easily and I was always notified in a timely manner when they needed to come in and check.
Thank you!

Margaret Lewis
I have been working with the Daniel Ravenel Company for 1 year, and it has been one of the best decisions I have made! The team is so easy to work with. They are prompt, professional, and knowledgeable. They take care of every detail – nothing is too small or large of a task! I love working with this team and would recommend them to anyone!

Fred Press
Daniel Ravenel is managing a home that we bought to eventually retire to. It is a newly-built home and was not intended to be a rental; thus, we were wary of trusting it to anyone. On top of that, we are out of state and cannot just stop by to check up on it. Hence, our focus was finding a manager whom we could trust and who would be careful about picking tenants and keeping an eye on it during the lease.

We researched and identified 4 property managers, interviewed 3 and finally selected Daniel. We are happy with the results. Daniel kept us in the loop during the showings; and we wound up with a good tenant. Daniel and his staff, Kyle and Laken, are very responsive, cooperative and helpful with all matters.

One suggestion would be to see if there is a way to improve the showing experience (rental or selling) when other MLS realtors come to show the house. We found that some of those agents leave lights on, and one even left the combination lock in an open position (one of our neighbors luckily kept us informed of these situations). (When informed of this, Daniel apologized on their behalf, even though it was not his fault, and went to my house immediately to close things up). Not sure of the solution, except for the primary realtor (Daniel) to follow up and check out the house at the end of each day that the house was being shown.

Other than that, we were, and continue to be, very happy with our property manager choice.

Rosemary James
Daniel Ravenel Real Estate has managed my condo at 55 Laurens St. for more than a year now and I could not be happier. The team members are pleasant, professional, trustworthy.

Sherwood Miler
For three years I rented a property that was managed by Daniel Ravenel Property Management. At all times we were treated with first class service. This entailed, communicating in a timely fashion with a knowledgeable and friendly property manager via phone, text or email. They were willing to come by the house and take care of any issue in order to allow us to go about our busy day. This company maintains their properties as if they lived in them. I have spoken with many others who have had a similar experience working with these professionals. Highly recommend.